…to my little nook in the universe.

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  I believe life is meant to be lived in full COLOUR.


I also believe you KNOW, deep down,

who you truly are.  

lion You can try to play small for a while but there will be nudges….

And if the nudges aren’t paid attention to there will be pulls, tugs, pushes and prods….

Until you pay attention.


Unlocking your Highest Self…

your Untapped Pure Potential… your OpenEssence...

is where the spring in your step is…


It’s where you feel most alive.

greet the day

So Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate, Rekindle

and Remember to  


Who You Are.

You are Unique.

There’s only ONE of you in the WHOLE UNIVERSE.


So please don’t forget how incredibly awesome you are.

Thank you for visiting my little site…

and THANK YOU for all you ARE and ALL you are BECOMING.

Let’s have some fun together.

xo Aynsley