Thought of the Month: Reiki On The Go

Reiki On The Go

The other day I was rushing. I felt like I was zig zagging across my life and there just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to slow down and send Reiki to a dear friend who was in the hospital. Ideally I love to send distance Reiki in a comfortable setting, like blanket hammockthe silence and peace of my home. I should qualify that – my home is certainly not always silent and peaceful (far from silent actually on most days)! But I do strive to create that space when I send Reiki. Sometimes I light a beeswax candle and sit comfortably on my couch.   I’ll cover myself with a cozy blanket, breathe deeply and centre my intentions on sending love and Reiki. In those moments it feels like I, as well as the person I’m sending to, are immersed in the glowing, loving radiance that is Reiki.   I can’t count how many times people have told me they were thinking of me just at the time when I was sending them Reiki. When I’m in a tranquil setting I usually more easily tap into my intuition as well, and this also feels like it strengthens the energy and my intentions.

But sometimes the ideal atmosphere to send Reiki just isn’t possible. That was the case the other day when I was immersed in a flurry of activities that seemed to have no end. I really wanted to send Reiki to my friend but the circumstances of the day were not letting me do so in silence and inactivity. While driving to an appointment with my seven month old son, I sent up a request to Heaven that health and wellness and love would go to her and that angels surround her. At that moment I wished I could send Reiki on the go. And then I remembered that I could.

Years ago I had felt a warm loving glow flood through my body, bringing me peace and relaxation. When this happened I immediately thought of my Reiki teacher and thought Carole, is that you sending to me? I took note of the time, 4:10pm. I asked her the next day if she had been sending Reiki to me at that time.   She thought back and said, “No – but I was talking about you lovingly to a friend at that time.” Both our hearts were warmed by this realization. We were made aware again of the powerful invisible threads that run between people.

golden threadsI thought of this experience and then I sent Reiki with my mind and heart to my friend while driving. I imagined the loving glow filling her and bringing her peace and going directly to all the places it was needed. It felt like the whole car, and my heart, were peaceful and serene. I was still completely focused on driving, but my energy had shifted from wishing I could send Reiki to actually feeling the energy flowing through me. I knew it was working because the feeling was beautiful and loving. It was the same feeling I always get when I send Reiki in a relaxing setting.

It was good to be reminded that Reiki, just like loving thoughts, can be sent wherever and whatever our circumstances. We don’t need ideal conditions to send – or receive – for that matter.  Participating in a Reiki Level 2 workshop is a wonderful way to learn how to send distance Reiki, but you don’t need this to send loving thoughts or positive energy. Start from your heart. Continue with your heart. If the energy that you are sending feels loving you are on the right path. Your powerful, loving thoughts and intentions will have deep and far reaching effects.

Thank you so much for following along!






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