Self Care Reminders for Wild Rides

I am catching my breath after a crazy January.  It has been a wild winter for my family health-wise.  I’ve had many “mortal” moments over past few months where I’ve remembered I’m oh so human.

Without getting into all the unpleasant details my family was hit by a crazy flu that began Newbaby handYear’s Eve that we thought was food poisoning for all of us…  It was very hard on my heart seeing my 14 month old so inconsolable and I was scared and worried (as I hear is pretty natural for new moms to be) about how to manage everything so he recovered as quickly as possible and started giggling (and wiggling) again.   Luckily I only caught the flu slightly so was able to play nurse for my family.  As they slowly recovered and I caught my breath, I realized I needed to recover too.  Worrying about them had taken a toll on me.   I also realized that I had been sponging up their emotions like a good sturdy mop.  I had been trying to take all their bad/sad feelings from them so they’d feel better (unconsciously).   I have learned many times that this never works but for some reason I still try.

The silver lining is that during this time I remembered a few tips about how to find your way out of worry that I thought I’d share:

  • It’s quite human to worry about those you love.  It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re having a “worry” moment and to feel the fear and allow it to release on its own.  For me I kept trying to get into a space of Trust and Love (where I thought I should be).  This didn’t help. Self-judgement just worked against me and made me feel worse.  Sometimes you’re balancepushed to your edges and you have feelings that aren’t fun to experience.  Just acknowledge where you are with compassion.  Because you’re human and you’re allowed to feel what you feel.  You will find that you can access your strong foundation and balance again soon if that is your intention.
  • Worrying about worrying doesn’t stop you from worrying.  Who knew! 🙂
  • Feelings are just feelings and the quickest way through the “uncomfortable” ones (which are just as valid as the fuzzy feelings btw) are to accept them and acknowledge them.  Then once they’ve come up to the surface they will flow into something else when they are ready to!  You can’t force this but you can create space for them to speak.  They’re in there anyway…you might as well acknowledge them instead of suppressing them.  I find that acknowledging that it’s okay to have them allows the feeling of self-compassion to enter, which is usually quite a relief.
  • Writing helps.  Particularly stream of consciousness writing where you don’t sensor yourself.  Often I get to the end of a journal entry and think…”oh wow…you (feelings) were in there? I didn’t even know that!”  And after I finish writing even though I may not have a solution, I realize the solution is the writing.

bathtubOther self care ideas:  

  • Sea salt bath (to clear the energetic debris floating around).  Feel the sparkle afterwards!
  • Good homemade soup (if you can bribe ask someone to make this for you even better)
  • Professional (long) massage, and if you can get acupuncture as well even better
  • Reiki treatment (of course) – distance Reiki works well too and usually feels to me like my heart is getting big glowing hugsoup
  • Cozying up with a fuzzy blanket, soft music and a good talk with a close friend…don’t forget the tea

I’m sure there are so many more but these are my go-to’s right now.

I’d love to hear your ideas for self-care too for those moments when being human is a wild ride!

Be well, friend.  You are unique, spicy and fun and may you flourish with all your heart in this open world.  Happy and Healthy 2018 to you and yours.








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