From Default Setting to Presence

What do you want from this moment?

butterflyThis question breezed into me the other day and made me pause.

Say that again, I thought.  What do I want, like really really want, from this moment?

Truly.  Deeply.  Purely.

What type of energy do I want to be in?  What juice from life do I want to drink…right now?

There are so many options.  We can choose whatever we want from this moment.  Granted, sometimes it’s harder to get ourselves into blissful happiness if we’re in stormy weather, but we still have choices.  We can choose our intentional energy.  And not choosing is still choosing.  Yikes.  😀

So many times I’ve caught myself on default setting moving from task to task without even questioning the energy, mood or thoughts I am occupying.  Even if I’m conscious of my thoughts having a race with themselves (“Squirrel!“), trying to stop them only makes them hurry faster.  They seem to have a life of their own.


I have a bit of a love/hate thing going with meditation.  When I actually get into the quiet zone and am following my breath I love it.  My inner world starts to make sense again and I get a distinct impression of the energy I’m occupying.   All that is unimportant seems to just Drop.  Gone for a while.  Total Presence equals Total Escape in the strangest way when I’m actually in the meditation zone.  I just AM.

But ooooh how I resist actually having a regular meditation schedule!    Even though I’ve experienced the amazing benefits, getting myself to pause and follow my breath is frustratingly annoying.  I always find “more important” things to do.   When meditating is tough though, this Question, this awesome Question…What do I want from this moment… pulls me into the present wherever I am.  It sweetly and gently nudges me into consciousness instantly.  It’s like a tiny, ask-this-anywhere, Consciousness Candy (move over Skittles). LOL  🙂

Sometimes I like to ask a sweet deviation on the Question: What does my heart want from this moment?  I like asking my heart what it wants rather than just allowing my mind to burst with ideas because the heart feels like it has it’s pulse on how to get more zest out of life.  Either way, asking any part of your being what it wants is bringing you more consciousness and therefore more power, presence and intentionality in your life.  You’ve got your hands on the steering wheel instead of having the car drive you!

hummingI figure rather than trying to ask this question constantly  (which would probably drive me crazy and erase all the good that could come from the pondering) I could start with just a few times a day.  Morning.  Noon.  Night.  And maybe a few other times during the day when I remember.  Maybe I’ll create a cute post-it note and put it up somewhere.  On my desk.  On my fridge.  Somewhere where I won’t get tired of looking at it (and not where it will then just fade into the noise of everyday life).  But somewhere that I won’t forget about it either.  Maybe I will decorate the sticky note so I like looking at it.  Hmmmm……

poppyI’m sure with every segment of my day my answers will change in response to the Question.  The possibilities really are limitless.  Feel free to use mine if you resonate with them, but your answers are where the magic and power of your life lives.  Here are some ideas:


What do I want from this moment?

“To feel deeply nurtured”.

“To feel a deep connection with my family.”

“To enjoy how it feels to pour kindness into someone’s day.”

“To feel a sense of immense self respect.”

“To LOVE what I’m eating.”

“To feel my creative potential ignite.”

“To feel a sense of strength and trust that expands like the ocean.”

tiger“To enjoy my inner roar.” (Just seeing if you were paying attention). 😀

“To feel open to life.”

It sounds a bit like a greeting card but our lives really are made up of moments.  And we might as well squeeze our favourite flavours out of them, right?

Thanks for coming into my sphere, Question.  🙂   I’m definitely going to keep you in my back pocket.

Thanks for following along, friend.  Wishing you the freedom and blissful experience of intentional Moments, if this is what you choose.  🙂








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