Hearing the Call – Music, Reiki and A Song For Our Planet

This article was published in the Canadian Reiki Association’s Summer 2019 Newsletter.

As a Reiki teacher and singer-songwriter I have been blessed with two great passions in my life: music and Reiki. Since I first began learning Reiki I have been delighted by how well music and Reiki benefit each other and flow together. Enjoying a Reiki session before sitting down at the piano has inspired lyrics in songs that were “stuck”. Humming, toning and even at times, to my surprise, singing various notes either out loud or in my head, enhances a Reiki session in ways that still surprise me. As I focus on the sacred Reiki symbols sometimes I hear a sound or tone and when I call this vibration forth in mind and heart it enhances my intuitive connection to the symbol and seems to ground it more powerfully in the session.

Many years ago I was excitedly about to launch my new Reiki business and I was also finishing songs to record on my debut album. I was overflowing with passion and creative energy for both of these pursuits. During this time I remember lying down one night with a headache. As I put my hands on my sacral chakra and sent Reiki to myself I realized that I was intuitively guided to place my hands 3 feet in front of me. My intuition was telling me I was creatively nine months pregnant and I was about to give birth to twins: Reiki and Music! My two babies were equal loves, as twins would be! I felt so excited and fortunate to have so much passion and energy for both. Many years later I was pregnant with my son, and the feeling of being pregnant while of course completely different physically, felt very similar energetically. (As a side note I met my son spiritually during a Reiki session prior to becoming pregnant.)

beautiful tomorrow square cd artAs Reiki practitioners, during a Reiki session we aim to be in tune with our intuition, in service for our client’s highest good, and to be an open channel for the divine. When we take this intention into our daily lives, and to our other passions, amazing things can happen. While I’ve always been conscious of how Reiki has inspired my music and lyrics, I’ve never been more keenly aware as recently during the writing and recording of my new song, Beautiful Tomorrow, which has an environmental focus. Beautiful Tomorrow was inspired by a whale that was found with 80 plastic bags in its stomach, and by author Lorna Byrne (Love From Heaven, Angels in my Hair, etc.) who has been shown various futures for our planet, some of which are absolutely alarming, and others that are encouraging and positive. Byrne is a huge advocate for caring for our planet and I highly recommend her books.

The whale and Byrne’s messages fueled my strong desire to make a difference so I prayed for a song to come that would help inspire positive action toward the Earth. I also began to send Reiki to our planet with more discipline, intensity and focus. Perhaps because I was tuned in and listening more deeply to how I could help, it felt as though my intuition was getting louder and louder. While some songs have taken me years to finish (I wish I was kidding!), this one seemed to have wings as soon as I began writing it. Same held true with the recording process. It all unfolded completely naturally – including getting 20 kids in a choir to sing on the track. Before going to the recording session with the kids I sent the group Reiki and encircled the whole place with love and of course asked my helpers to join in.beautiful-tomorrow-choir.jpg

Sometimes the hiccups along the way are blessings in disguise. The night before I was supposed to record the final vocals for the song I developed a massive cold. Through coughing fits there was no way I’d be able to sing! The cold however led me to fix parts of the song that could be made better and also gave me time to mention to my co-producer that I was getting the feeling that a male voice should perhaps sing on the track too. He was very enthusiastic about the idea. Now the song will have 22 voices in it! Another amazing coincidence occurred as I realized, while uploading it online, that the song is 4 minutes and 22 seconds long. 4:22 is April 22nd: Earth Day. This was completely unintentional and yet so perfect. A friend said, “this song has definitely recognized its path”.

studioThe more I’m listening for guidance about what’s next, and quieting the other voices (doubt, insecurity, questions about how to fund the song’s recording/ video, etc.) the way forward has been lighting up one step at a time. During the songwriting and recording process, like in a Reiki session, I keep getting reminded to get out of my own way and to remember that it’s “not about me”. With a focus on service and the questions in my heart and head always being “How can I inspire?” and “How can I help?” it’s easier to be the channel.

I believe that Reiki practitioners are some of the most enlightened and loving people on the planet today. We are world leaders – in tune with energy that some people have yet to become aware of consciously. We are tasked with living the Reiki principles in service for the highest good to the best of our abilities. One of the Reiki principles is to extend kindness to all of life and many of us resonate deeply with this calling. In Beautiful Tomorrow the second verse sings “One drop of love ripples far and wide….further than you and I will ever see…” This lyric reflects how I feel about Reiki. When we send Reiki to the Earth, to our beautiful, strong and wondrous planet, we do not know how far our Reiki sending will go, or who will benefit – in present or future.

I am asking myself to listen more. To pray more. To send Reiki to the planet more. To play big and to bring my full heart to the causes that are bubbling up in me and lighting a fire in my heart. I’m asking myself to get out of my own way and to remember it’s not about me. I’m asking myself to be the change I want to see and to remember there are many unseen helpers waiting to be of service awaiting my invitation. I’m asking myself to remember to call them in daily for help, guidance and support. I’m reminding myself to not let my concern for our planet’s future paralyze me. I’m asking Love to infuse all of my quiet and loud actions and to remember that Love is the strongest. I’m asking myself to jump in with my whole heart and make a difference. And then keep doing just that to the best I can. As Yoda says, there is no “try”.

To hear Beautiful Tomorrow go to BeautifulTomorrowSong.com or listen on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ScH1iDIogv8 .

choir hands



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