Angels Want Us to Use Them

This past weekend I went to Chicago to hear one of my favourite authors, Lorna Byrne, speak.  She was touring with inspirational speaker, Mike Dooley (he might sound familiar because he was on “The Secret”) who I also think is amazing.  Lorna never thought she’d write a book, let alone a bestseller (“Angels in my Hair“).  She was born with severe dyslexia to the point where she can still barely even write her own name.  But when she was a child angels told her she would eventually write books and they would be bestsellers.   How she went from being not able to write to writing bestsellers is another story but let’s just say the angels helped a lot and enlisted other people to help too, along with talk to text software!

astronomy-1867616_1920Lorna can do something no one else in the world can do – at least as far as I know.  She sees angels physically.  And by physically I mean with her eyes open and basically the same way she would see you and I if we were in the same room.  She can remember seeing angels since she was a tiny tot in her crib in Ireland where she grew up.

I know I know I know.   I can already hear your speculation and believe me, I get it.  There are plenty of con artists out there.  But I know in my gut she’s the real deal.  Whether you believe it or not is all good and I’d never expect anyone to believe anything that isn’t right for them to accept.  But regardless of where you are on the spectrum, you’re reading this so here are some golden nuggets I got from listening to her:

USE your Angels.  That means ASK for help.  As much as possible!!!  Angels – and plenty of them – are waiting for your invitation to jump in (fly in?  fall in?  Lorna says many of them actually tumble in from way up high…) at your command.   Lorna says they are practically begging you to put them to service!  They would LOVE to help with anything and everything you need help with.  But here’s the catch:  they can’t come in unless you invite them to help you because they respect your free will.   So ask away and then warmly expect to receive their help.  It may be tempting to think the help that comes is just synchronicity or your imagination but it’s not.  They’re helping.dandelion-445228_1920

Large endeavour, small task, all good!!  It’s nice to know that if you ask angels to help you with something mundane you won’t be taking them away from more important tasks.  Angels can go do BIG things in the world (i.e. I regularly ask them to help regenerate our oceans, assist children who I’ve seen need help, care for our environment, etc.) and also help do little things (“Angels, can you please help me get this jar open?“).  Showing gratitude is a nice way to bookend the request.  I try to remember to say thank you when I request help and afterwards.  beach-1449008_1920

They got us covered.  Lorna says regardless of religion and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) angels exist and each one of us has a guardian angel who thinks we are the most incredible and important person in the world.  They are the guardians of our soul and escort our soul back to God, Source, Infinite Intelligence, Holy Spirit (whatever you want to call it) when we die.   They can never ever leave us.  Like, NEVER.   We can ask for our guardian angel to make its presence more known to us if we want to connect.  We can ask for a sign.  We can ask for help becoming conscious of the love it feels for us.  Our guardian angel is around all the time but thankfully it doesn’t see us the same way other humans see us.  So if you’re in the bathroom or not looking your best, don’t worry – it doesn’t judge us.water-839590_1920

Open up to possibilities.  There’s WAY more than meets the eye here.  I watched in awe as Lorna was directed by the angels to speak to a few random – yet obviously not so random – audience members in the room of just less than 400 people.  The ones she chose to speak to were stunned that she came over to them, and overwhelmed (in a good way) by the words she said to them.  Lorna said to each of these three people that she saw the Light of Hope around them.  She’s written about the Light of Hope in her books when she speaks about people contemplating ending their lives.   She told each of these people what their angels were saying to her and to them via her.  To say it was profoundly moving and heart opening for everyone who witnessed this interaction is an enormous understatement.

Lorna Byrne and Aynsley SaxeI’m so thankful this extraordinary woman has touched my life in her gentle, powerful way.  Because of what an advocate she is for our planet’s well-being, and because she is so deeply concerned for the children of today and of the future, she inspired me to write the song Beautiful Tomorrow which I got to give to her at the seminar.  I literally could barely breathe I was so excited to meet her and give her my song.  I’d dreamt of that moment for so long.  If you’re curious you can listen to the lyric video of Beautiful Tomorrow here

Or you can check out Lorna’s first book Angels in My Hair here.   Or watch Lorna speak on her YouTube channel here.

Thank you, Lorna.


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