My Reiki Story

Where do I begin?

A bit about me…I am a Reiki Teacher, Singer/Songwriter (you can check out my music here), Mommy of my sweet Halloween baby (who actually showed up spiritually to me before being born during a Reiki treatment) and happy wife (happy life).  Reiki is all over my life – I even had a Reiki Ceremony during my wedding. 

I love love LOVE Reiki and cannot imagine my world without it.  Ever since I discovered it, Reiki has been an ever-glowing source of nourishment, support and peace for me.   It has helped me in countless physical and emotional ways.   Reiki has soothed me when I’ve felt down and needed comfort.  It has carried me to new heights when I’ve been on top of the world.  Reiki has comforted my family and friends when they’ve needed physical or emotional support.  It has also helped my furry friends! 🙂  Reiki has opened my intuition and made me keenly aware of the invisible threads that run between all of us.  It has inspired songs and given me “aha” moments.  One of the best gifts it has given me is that it has made me more aware of my Spirit, my Spirit Guides and Angels.   Because of how much I’ve benefited from Reiki, I am passionate about sharing the gift of Reiki with others and helping them discover all it can do for them.

FlowerWhen I first heard about Reiki, I thought it was pronounced “Ree-Kee”.  For the record, Reiki is pronounced “Ray-Kee”.  (In the Fall you can “Rakey” the leaves…) 😉

Before I experienced Reiki, to say I was skeptical about it is an enormous understatement.  I thought it was not just a little “out there” – I thought it was totally nuts.   Quite honestly, I didn’t believe how it could possibly work.  However, I had stumbled across a book on energy healing and had enjoyed reading about it, and even though my logical mind couldn’t fathom how it could be possible, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out for myself.

leaves-829513_1920I found a practitioner and after determining that she seemed quite down to earth, I booked a Reiki session.  During that session I could not believe what I experienced.   I felt more peaceful than I could ever remember feeling.  Even though I was awake for the whole session, I felt as though I’d slept for 20 hours in the most deeply relaxed cocoon you can imagine.    My body felt relaxed, my mind was clear and calm and I felt a profound sense of love and peace.  It was amazing and I didn’t want the session to end.  As I left, my mind was filled with questions… How could this be? All she did was gently lay her hands on me!   If I hadn’t experienced it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it.  It is difficult to describe in words such a profound feeling that reverberated through my body.  

Still skeptical, but eager to learn more, I decided to participate in a Reiki Level 1 workshop.  After taking Level 1 and learning how to give Reiki to myself and others, I became fully hooked on Reiki.  I loved sharing Reiki with anyone who was open to it including family, friends and even our family dog.  My mantra was “don’t knock it until you try it!” Nearly everyone responded as amazed as I was about what they were experiencing and kept asking for more Reiki.

As the years passed I decided the best way to share Reiki was to start teaching and I began giving workshops in 2009.  I absolutely love seeing students walk away with confidence to practice Reiki in whatever way they choose.   If Reiki is knocking at your door, I hope you will take the next step that is right for you. Perhaps it is to experience your first Reiki session or potentially sign up for your first Reiki workshop.   You never know… you may become as hooked on Reiki as I am.

starsRemember:  You are magnificent.  There’s only one of you in the whole universe.  

Be well & Be You. 



P.S. Currently this site is mostly about Reiki but I also have guided meditations, relaxation music and Thoughts-of-the-Month (inspirational messages) on the way.   Please subscribe by email so I can keep you posted when new goodies are released.   (If you’re curious, you can listen to one of my Guided Meditations here or read a Thought of the Month here).


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