Ayns1Hello Incredible Creator!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the universe!!

I’m Aynsley — soul-searcher, happiness-seeker and life enthusiast.   Along with loving Reiki with all my heart, I am also obsessed with music to the point where I could literally sunbathe in it.   (If you’d like to hear where this obsession has led me you can check out my music here.)

I believe life is meant to be lived in colour and when we’re not listening to our hearts…well, things can get tricky.  I’ve been there – in the grey zone – and quite honestly, it wasn’t a party.   Over the years I’ve learned to pay attention as much as I can to the intuitive whispers that guide me to the lightest path. For many years now, Reiki has been an ever-glowing source of nourishment, support and peace.  I am so grateful that it came into my life!  The best part of teaching Reiki is knowing the positive benefits of Reiki will spread out to my students’ families, friends, pets, etc.

We’re only here for a short time so we might as well make the most of this flight through time and space and start living in partnership with our deep, wise, and faithful Inner Genius.  If you are out of touch with it …that’s okay!  All you need is the willingness to discover…and be open …to your unique, beautiful essence.

This is a place for you to reflect and nurture yourself.  A place for you to pause, breathe and relax.  So go ahead – grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and let your shoulders loosen.  If you’re inspired, please subscribe to my blog so that we can stay connected.

Blessings to you,

xo Aynsley



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