Higher Guidance


What Do We Call It?

Higher Guidance.  Intuition.  Source Connection.  Angelic Wisdom.   Inner-Knowing. Inspiration.  Connection to Divine Truth.  Inner-Listening.  Tapping the Infinite.

I don’t think it matters what we call it.  What matters is opening up and listening to our Highest Truth.

The voice within us that speaks so gently to us if we are open to listening is tremendously powerful.  Developing this relationship, for me, has been one of the most amazing and wonder-full things I’ve done for myself.  Learning to trust it and hear it is a practice so if you are just starting out, good for you!  You will begin to recognize the beautiful voice of Spirit within you as you keep being open to listening to it.

Sometimes we feel it as a nudge in our heart.  Sometimes it’s a knowingness in our belly.  Sometimes words, images or symbols, seem to filter into our mind giving us specific, loving instruction for our next right step in our day.  We may cast it off as mere ‘imagination’ but if we listen, and if we follow the guidance received, we often realize the potency, and impeccable timing, of the messages we receive.

Frequent Spring Cleaning of our Minds

I know from personal experience that so often our ego and mind chatter get in the way from listening to this Still, Wise Voice Within.  My brain is often filled with clutter…in fact, I think for me sometimes my brain is a clutter-magnet!!  Can you relate?

Some Tips to Help You Clean out the Brain Cobwebs:

  • writing-923882_1280Writing ‘Morning Pages’ have been a very powerful tool for me to help me feel more clear and tapped into higher guidance.  I learned about morning pages from Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way”.  Morning Pages are essentially a spiritual dump for your brain garbage.  Grab some blank paper and let your pen run away with itself.  You may not think you have anything to write about but do it anyway.  You may find that things come up to the paper that you didn’t realize we’re on your mind because you were stuffing them just below the surface.  It doesn’t matter what you write about, just that you write!  Try writing 3 pages every morning when you first wake up (many people find they are more in tune with their heart when they write than when they type).  If you are really daring, set the timer for half an hour and write continuously on a particular subject that is challenging you or gnawing at you.  You may find that after writing you still don’t necessarily have a solution, but that the solution IS the writing.  I’ve done this many times and it was as though space had opened up in me after writing for deeper insight into what I needed to do next.  The best thing is that I ALWAYS feel better after I write and I’m also much more present in my life.
  • towel-759980_1920Have a bath.  Bathing in sea salt is quite incredible for clearing the emotional and physical self.  If you don’t have access to an ocean next door, just run yourself a bath and try it out for 15 minutes.  I find that my energy field always feels sparkly afterwards and that the clutter that I may have picked up in my day (in my head and body) has been completely cleared.
  • Fresh Air.  ‘Nuff said.
  • woodland-1031154_1920Nature walks, hikes, runs, climbs.  Connecting with trees, water, fire, the earth.  Finding the beauty in nature.  The vibes of nature can easily help us open up to Higher Listening.  (The other day my inner guidance said to me “Connect with nature. Go for a hike.”  I really didn’t want to but decided to anyway because I’ve learned that when I do what the Inner-Voice says, I’m always glad I did.  I went for a walk in the woods alone and realized I’d been carrying a huge bundle of emotions for a few situations in my life.  As I walked I cried and released it all.  I came home and wrote (“afternoon pages”) which was also their guidance, and then felt like 100 pounds had been lifted off me.  I felt so much lighter and stronger afterwards.  I was so glad I paid attention to that message and went for a hike.)
  • Talk to someone.  And by ‘someone’, I mean someone who is wise and gives good counsel and whom you know has your best interests at heart and whom you absolutely trust.  Perhaps this person is a professional counsellor or energy-healing practitioner.  Perhaps he or she is a wise friend.  Perhaps it is your Angels or Guides.  Talking to someone can be extremely healing and can help you sort out your own thoughts around a subject and can help you clear your head for being able to access your inner guidance.  So often we think we ‘know’ everything about a subject.  But we really don’t.  And sometimes people are put in our path as guides to help show us the next step, or something important that we may have missed through our own filter of viewing the world. monk-555391_1920
  • Give Reiki to yourself or another.  Receive Reiki.  Be part of a Reiki Share.   For more About Reiki click here.
  • Pray.
  • Meditate (please see my post “Bliss Within” for more ideas about how to meditate.