Deciding to take 10 minutes out of your day to retreat in quiet solitude,  may be the most important 10 minutes of the day for you.  The practice of meditation may  profoundly positively influence the quality of your experience of life.

So many of us are caught in the hamster wheel of life that we find it extremely hard to take time out to find our breath, centre ourselves and relax.  If we really want to feel well balanced and fantastic while moving through our days, it is SO important that we balance our Yang (masculine, active, side of ourselves) with our Yin (feminine, nurturing, receptive side).

If you are feeling like you’re jumping from one thing to the next and rushing about your day, I challenge you to pause, breathe, and take a time out.  Perhaps starting with a guided meditation is right for you if you find it hard to focus your mind on your breathing.  Or maybe silence is the cure and you prefer to embrace total quiet and stillness.  Whatever you pick, trust yourself and remember that a quiet retreat for 10 minutes may help the rest of your life go more harmoniously than before.  I often find I’m more productive, more clear, more balanced, and feeling so much better when I start the day with meditation.  And sometimes when life gets hairy, taking a meditative time out in the middle of the day (even if it’s the last thing I think I have time for) is absolutely the thing I need to do most!

The following guided meditation was created to help you relax and feel more love for yourself.  It is just under 10 minutes and I hope you enjoy it: 

Meditation on Love (for relaxation & self-care)

I’m in the process of creating more guided meditations so will share them as soon as they’re completed.

Practicing meditation has been an amazing, and challenging, journey for me.   I’ve also shared more ideas that have worked for me on my blog post: Bliss Within

Happy Meditating fellow meditators!

xo Aynsley