Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares

There is nothing like a group of people who come together to share Reiki at a Reiki Share.

Reiki Shares consist of a group of people getting together to share Reiki.   Usually the shares I host consist of about 5-6 people and last for about 2 hours.   The Reiki Share portion usually lasts about an hour and a half and then we have tea afterwards and chat for about half an hour.

During a Reiki share, each person gives and receives Reiki for a short period of time.  Even though you may only receive Reiki for 15 minutes or so (depending on how many people attend), it can feel like an hour because there may be 3-5 people giving you Reiki at once.  When you are finished receiving Reiki, you can take a break if you need to and relax and absorb the energy.  Then when you are ready you can rejoin the group and give Reiki to the next person on the Reiki table.

Many new friends are made, old friends reconnect, and Reiki Share attendees often feel an amazing sense of peace and renewal after a share.    It is amazing as well the synchronicity that can happen.

After every share I feel like my heart has been warmed and I feel like I am basking in beautiful Reiki energy for days.  This is my hope for everyone who attends.

If you have taken Reiki Level 1 (or higher) you are more than welcome to attend my Reiki Shares (located in Georgetown, Ontario).   The Reiki Shares I host are free (I just ask that everyone bring a small snack to contribute to the group).  Please contact me at info (at) for details about the next ones.