candle-1021137_1920A Bit About Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing technique that has roots in Japan.  The ‘Rei’ part of the word means ‘Universal’ or ‘Spiritually Guided’, while the ‘Ki’ part means ‘life force energy’, like ‘Chi’, ‘Prana’ or ‘Source Energy’.  When we have low life force energy, we are more susceptible to illness, feeling tired, drained, depleted, etc.  When we have lots of life force energy, we feel happy, full of life, energetic, well balanced and ‘in the flow’ of life.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will gently lay their hands on or above various parts of your body, while you are fully clothed.  As you receive Reiki, you are allowing more life force energy into all levels of your being, including physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Reiki helps restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself and it gives you a ‘boost’ of life force energy wherever you need it most.  One of the many things I find amazing about Reiki is that it goes wherever it is needed within you (on every level!) and the practitioner is just a channel, kind of like a ‘pipe’, for this energy to flow into you.


Reiki benefits people of all ages and backgrounds who are open to it.  I’ve taught a condensed version of Reiki Level 1 to my niece who was 9 years old at the time.  It was like she was just re-learning what she already knew.  There are also unlimited uses for Reiki – it can even benefit pets, plants, living spaces, etc.

Reiki workshops are different than other energy healing modality workshops because Reiki is transfered to Reiki students by way of an ‘attunement’ from a Reiki Master.  This attunement is a brief spiritual ritual that allows students to tap into this infinite supply of spiritually guided life force energy and allows them to be able to give Reiki to themselves and others from then on.

One of the main things that helped me to be open to experiencing Reiki was that I was told that you do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work for you, or for you to experience its benefits.  Just being open and willing to experience a treatment, and see for yourself what the benefits might be, is enough.

creek-21749_1920Another interesting thing about Reiki is that while it does embrace a spiritual dimension in its philosophy, it promotes no specific religious belief.  People of all cultures, religious backgrounds and philosophies are practicing and benefiting from Reiki.

The Benefits of Reiki

There are so many reported benefits of Reiki but just to name a few here are some common ones:

  • feeling relaxed, at peace, centred, serene
  • feeling back ‘in the flow’ of life
  • experiencing increased vitality and energy
  • increased clarity and an inner knowingness
  • increased balance and well-being
  • promotes relaxation and stress reduction which increases health and well-being on every level
  • feeling increased creativity, inspiration
  • has helped people become more in touch with their feelings so they are able to release, grieve or be at peace with their emotions

Reiki practitioners are not permitted to diagnose ailments however many people have found that Reiki is a wonderful non-intrusive and non-invasive addition to complement their traditional healthcare choices. There have been countless testimonials from people reporting that Reiki has assisted them in the recovery of a diverse and wide range of physical and emotional ailments.

nature-photos-857956_1920What to Expect

Reiki treatments typically last between 1 to 1.5 hours with the recipient sitting or lying down, in comfortable clothing, warm and relaxed.

During a treatment, the practitioner will gently lay their hands on or just above various parts of your body. If requested, focus will be given to  areas that are in need of extra attention.  As you receive Reiki, you may sense heat or possibly coolness coming from the practitioner’s hands.

Many people report feeling a ‘glowing radiance’ going through them during a treatment.  Many people also feel profoundly relaxed and at peace during and after a treatment.  I cannot count how many times many of my clients have fallen asleep and I always say ‘snoring is allowed’.  Many people report feeling like they are floating in a beautiful, peaceful world where they are teetering on the edge of sleep feeling ‘blissed out’ and relaxed.  The more you are willing to receive Reiki on all levels, the deeper and more profound the benefits of the treatment.  Reiki always meets you where you are and helps you access the next level of well being that is right for you at the time.

Because Reiki works on the both the physical and emotional aspects of your being, at times emotions may surface. As much as possible, releasing emotions can be very helpful for your overall well being.  Once in a while clients have cried on the Reiki table and their relief and feeling of weight that has dropped off them afterwards has been enormous.  I too have had an experience where I have sobbed on the Reiki table and what I thought was a back ache within me, I later realized was emotional grief that was ready to be released.  Once I cried and let it all out, my back pain eased.  (By the way, crying on the Reiki table is not something that happens often – I just like to help people realize that if it does happen it’s not a bad thing or something to be afraid of or worried about).

suns-rays-1139123_1920Each experience with Reiki is unique and while most people often feel deeply relaxed or rejuvenated after a session, at times you may feel tired.   Honour your body’s needs and take time to rest if that is what it is requesting.  Drinking lots of water after a treatment is also a good idea because after receiving Reiki your body will be experiencing a detoxification and it is best to abstain from alcohol and caffeine following the session.   I once told a client not to go to the bar after he experienced Reiki.  He decided to go anyway and had 1 or 2 beers (he can normally handle at least 5-6 easily).  After 1.5 beers he was absolutely green because his body was trying to detoxify itself.  Please be kind to yourself and honour your physical and emotional needs. Remember to take the time to rest and nourish yourself if you need to.  I often find that I am inspired to write, sing or create music after Reiki.  These nudges should be honoured too because they are your intuition and inner-self speaking to you.

Go For It

Many people who were not expecting to experience anything from Reiki (I’m in that category) have left Reiki sessions profoundly surprised by their experience.  If you have not already tried Reiki and are curious, I would highly recommend you give it a go and try it out with someone you feel is reputable and professional.  Reiki has benefited my life in so many ways that I cannot believe how profoundly grateful I feel to have discovered it.  I hope if the time is right for you to try it out, you will be open to exploring it too.

Love & Light,