My Reiki Story

summer-anemone-224501_1920When I first heard about Reiki, I thought it was pronounced “Ree-Kee”.  For the record, Reiki is pronounced “Ray-Kee”.  (In the Fall you can “Rakey” the leaves…) 😉

Before I experienced Reiki for myself, to say I was skeptical about it is an enormous understatement.  I thought it was not just a little “out there” – I thought it was totally nuts.   Quite honestly, I didn’t believe how it could possibly work.  However, I had stumbled across a book on energy healing and had enjoyed reading about it, and even though my logical mind couldn’t fathom how it could be possible, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out for myself.

I found a practitioner in my area and after determining that she seemed quite down to earth (and not into voodoo or an alien), I booked a Reiki session.  During that session I could not believe what I experienced.  As I was lying on the practitioner’s Reiki table (which is basically a massage table) I felt more peaceful than I could ever remember feeling.  Even though I was awake for the whole session, I felt as though I’d slept for 20 hours in the most deeply relaxed cocoon you can imagine.  I felt like I’d dropped into a world of ‘beingness’.  My body felt relaxed, my mind was clear and calm and I felt a profound sense of LOVE, inside of me and outside of me.   I felt surrounded by peace.  It was amazing and I didn’t want the session to end.  As I left, my mind was filled with questions… How could this be? All she did was gently lay her hands on me!   If I hadn’t experienced it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it.  It is difficult to describe in words such a profound feeling that reverberated through my physical and emotional being.  I encourage you to experience a session too to find out for yourself how it feels to you personally.

Still skeptical, but eager to learn more considering the immediate benefits I leaves-829513_1920experienced, I decided to participate in a Reiki Level 1 workshop.  After taking Level 1 and learning how to give Reiki to myself and others, I became fully hooked on Reiki.  I loved sharing Reiki with anyone who was open to it including family, friends, colleagues and even our family dog.  My mantra was “don’t knock it until you try it!” Nearly everyone responded as amazed as I was about what they were experiencing and kept asking for more Reiki.

As the years passed I explored each of the Reiki levels and have now been practicing Reiki since the year 2001 and teaching Reiki since 2009.  I love teaching Reiki because of all of gifts it has brought to my life.   It brings me so much happiness when I hear about how Reiki has helped other people’s lives too.   I love seeing how the positive ripples of Reiki continue to spread to others, benefiting them in countless ways.

I believe that continuing our education is so important and that as we become better students, we become better teachers.  Enjoying where we are today, and being open to more learning is a great place to start.  There is no end to the discoveries we can make – within ourselves and through courses and workshops that we can participate in.  There are so many sources of help and inspiration available to us.  We only need to have the  willingness and openness to listen, ask for help if we need it, then find the courage to take the next step along our path.

butterfly-692465_1280Today I cannot imagine my life without Reiki and am so grateful for all it has brought to me.  If Reiki is knocking at your door, I hope you will take the next step that is right for you. Perhaps it is to experience your first Reiki session or potentially sign up for your first Reiki course.  There is so much that awaits those who are willing to learn and awaken to new things!  You never know… you may become as hooked on Reiki as I am.

Wishing you love and light,

xo Aynsley