Reiki Testimonials

Reiki Testimonials

I cannot recommend Aynsley’s Reiki practice enough.  She always makes me feel incredibly comfortable and confident in her intuitive hands. Afterwards, I always feel as if I am floating on a cloud of good will and calm and injected with indescribable renewed energy.  C. Leporati

An amazing and warm experience.  I was relaxed, and calm for the rest of the day. Aynsley made me feel comfortable, and there was an incredible feeling in the room…so relaxing.  M. Michalak

Reiki Session Testimonials.jpgMy Reiki sessions with Aynsley were phenomenal.  I experienced a profound and overall sense of relief from the negative energy that had consumed me in my period of mourning. I fully recommend Reiki to anyone who may be experiencing a sense of loss or sorrow.  Aynsley is a wonderfully kind-hearted individual and extremely professional in her approach. I remain grateful to her for the long-term benefits associated with my treatments.  J.D.W.

I was honoured to have been blessed with crossing paths with Aynsley. She is a truly gifted lightworker. The sessions we exchanged were enlightening and the changes within myself quite remarkable. As a person and a practitioner I would highly recommend Aynsley as she is intuitive, creative, wise, and an overall beacon of positive light.  Lynton Friedman

I had Reiki treatments with Aynsley and it was truly amazing. If you can imagine powerful yet gentle, subtle yet truly clear results, emotional yet safe, then you can imagine what a Reiki treatment with Aynsley is like.  She helped me in my busy life to focus on myself and heal through energy work. Aynsley’s treatments have definitely helped me to maintain a balance in life and tune in to my holistic side that can become starved in a fast paced city life. Her beautiful energy and lovely soul provide a safe environment during such powerful sessions.  J. Chang

I came to Aynsley on the heels of an anxiety-ridden week, punctuated by sleepless nights.  I knew there was something wrong going on inside of me.  I was dealing poorly with my stress. I did a little research on Reiki before seeing Aynsley but mostly I wanted to go with an open mind and few preconceptions. I don’t want to spoil the experience but what I will say is that within about five minutes I could feel Aynsley literally draining the tension from my body from all the major stress points and that night I slept for twelve hours straight. Thank you so much Aynsley! J.R.G.

My Reiki experience was incredibly enlightening. I have always known that we have spirit guides that surround us in our daily lives. Aynsley allowed those doors to open. I actually heard my angels speak to me. I was surrounded by darkness. I remember thinking….”but you can’t see me?” Then I heard, “oh yes we can”.  Then I awoke more relaxed and peaceful then ever before.  B. Lefaivre

Reiki Workshop TestimonialsAynsley Saxe is a true master! In creating a warm, safe and protective space for us, the entire class and I opened our energy beyond our expectations. Each of us found authentic power and wisdom within ourselves. Her passion and genuine love for Reiki empowered us to feel validated and confident in our work. A powerful, amazing woman she is!  Cindy Ashton

Aynsley is a phenomenal teacher, gentle and gifted in her approach.  Susan

I am so grateful to have been taught Reiki 1 by such a beautiful soul like Aynsley.  This was my first experience learning any type of energy work.  As a teacher she put me at complete ease and gave such an uplifting experience for me with my attunement.  I am so thankful that I have been able to experience such a warm and lovely energy by someone who was able to guide me through the history, ethics and practical experiences with such ease and proficiency.  For everyone living in a high stress, fast paced world, one’s mind can easily race and think about a million things a minute; however my mind was calm and receptive to everything that was taught (I was never bored).  Aynsley has a wonderful way of encouraging all to express their personal experience during lessons as well as when we actually performed and received a treatment from/on each other in our class.  This course has really helped me develop a personal relationship with the healing energy of Reiki as well as connecting with myself and environment with a happier and peaceful outlook.  Any thoughts of self doubt about whether you will be able to perform Reiki treatments are dissolved by the way we were taught how to scan and feel energy without any pressure.  As a result of Aynsley’s teachings, I have had an incredible release of stress, trust my instincts more and have a revived outlook on life; everything in her class was truly  inspirational.  I really cherish this gift of being able to channel this energy to heal myself and others and feel truly blessed that Aynsley helped me achieve this.  Although everyone in our group were very different, I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and had such a deep respect for them.  Thank you so much Aynsley for following this path as you have really helped change my life in such a positive way.  It is obviously evident that you have such a wonderful knack for teaching and performing Reiki that it flows quite simply from you to inspire all your students.   Julie

Aynsley brings a depth of compassion and pure intent to her Reiki sessions.  The sincerity she gives to her own spiritual journey does much to inspire others in their healing and growth.  Carole Wray, Reiki Master

Aynsley provides a space that embraces you with love and acceptance.  A calming yet passionate force radiates from her as she speaks to you about Reiki, drawing you into the practice.  From beginning to end her workshops renew you, uplift you and enlighten your senses to the power that is Reiki.   Sara

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